Energy Metering

Slash Utilities Costs with Smart Metering Systems

When considering energy management solutions for your facility, don’t overlook the value of metering. When combined with other building automation systems integration, metering can be a useful tool in reducing costs. To learn more about our system click here.

The Ins and Outs of Metering

Metering allows facility engineers and managers to track all utilities and equipment conditions throughout their facility using an enterprise server to analyze conditions and improve energy usage.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  •  Forecast demands on energy requirements
  • Help reduce billing costs
  • Lengthen equipment life
  • Eliminate unwanted downtime
  • Save money

water,gas electricMetering can help achieve high building standards and add value to your asset by cutting energy and maintenance costs while providing a comfort level that builds productivity within the facility.

Contact Alabama Controls to Learn More

As an energy management specialist, Alabama Controls can offer metering solutions that help optimize energy use and control costs. Call our sales team today for more information, 1-800-295-2476.