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Does Your Building Have a Brain?

Let Alabama Controls help boost your building’s IQ with a custom building management solution. Our solutions use an open system approach to integrate multiple systems and provide centralized monitoring, management and reporting. The result is a smarter, more efficient and better performing facility.

Leave Your Building Solution to the Experts

Alabama Controls specializes in both Schneider Electric and Distech Controls complete building automation integration systems and energy consumed sublets to include:LEED building with callouts

  • Network Lighting Controls
  • HVAC Automation
  • Energy Metering
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Other Customized Solutions

Design Services Also Available

In addition, our engineering department can provide design services of building automation controls associated with all projects. Our designs, installation and service after the sale will increase building performance and provide the best value for your project.  Contact Alabama Controls today to find a solution for your specific building needs. Alabama Controls responds to your energy challenges by helping your facility become an efficient enterprise. We create intelligent energy management systems that save money and reduce waste.