Installation Process

Here at Alabama Controls, our goal is simple: to provide customers with smart building solutions that improve energy efficiency and help save money, all the while securing people and assets. We can uniquely tailor the latest technology available in HVAC management, energy metering, access control, video surveillance and more, around your building.

How do we do it? That’s simple, too. Alabama Controls is powered by a team of highly skilled professionals. From beginning to end, they work together to ensure a smooth and successful project.  Behind the scenes, they have the experience and knowledge to get the job done; on site, customers can count on them to be dependable and courteous.

Read more below about our team and the process that results in a successful installation by Alabama Controls.

Sales and Consulting

Fourteen-Traits-Of-A-Great-Sales-PersonThe first step in any project is figuring out what you need. This process can be daunting, but the sales engineers at Alabama Controls are here to help make it easier. Our sales team will work together with you and your staff to identify areas of concern, specific needs and your general expectations for a successful project.  The team will use the information gathered during the consultation to define the project’s scope of work and propose an innovative solution to meet your unique building needs.

Engineering and Design

Project ManagementNext, Alabama Controls assembles a team of engineers and designers to begin a detailed system design. This team produces a detailed blueprint based on their own evaluation of the knowledge gained during the consulting phase. The team determines product, addresses placement and coordinates the creation of detailed control drawings by an drafting  professional. These drawings are presented to the client for approval, and as-builts are designed and provided upon completion of the project.

Project Management

Engineering An Alabama Controls project manager is responsible for managing the technicians and installers that preform on-site project installation. He implements an installation schedule, works out timing requirements and coordinates materials to the job site. The project manager is in constant communication with other key account managers to resolve any issues that arise during the project. Finally, he coordinates a walk-through with the installation team and assists with final commissioning of the project.


Instalation During the installation process, a team of building automation technicians and equipment installers work with the project manager to ensure the best building solution.

Alabama Controls’ installation team is well trained with many hours of in-field experience. Our installers are licensed and insured, and many have multi-state certifications as Master Electricians. Our building automation technicians receive training on the newest products and stay up to date on the latest technology.


TrainingAfter installation is complete, Alabama Controls provides owner training. At a minimum, this includes a brief walk-through and operational overview of the new system and its functions. For those wanting more in depth training that covers how to preform system diagnostics and adjustments, Alabama Controls offers training classes to system maintenance personnel either on site or at one of our training facilities across Alabama.


Most Alabama Controls site projects come with a one-year warranty on equipment and installation. After that time, we continue to offer exceptional support through our service department. A tailored approach to your service needs is accomplished with trained professionals in both HVAC building automation and security technology.

Alabama Controls offers complete building management system integration backed by 40 years of experience. If you want to learn more, call us today at 1-800- 295-2476.