Colleges and Universities


Meeting the Challenge of Multi-System Environments

Alabama Controls knows what it takes to design, plan and manage the multi-building environments of colleges and universities. Our campus projects have included everything from student dorms and stadiums to lecture halls and laboratories. We’re experienced in both new construction and renovations for colleges and universities.

We also know the stakes are high. Not only do campus leaders seek to attract prospective students, but they’re also focused on both economic and environmental outcomes. Rest assured that Alabama Controls can design a custom building automation solution that will address all areas of concern.

Selling Future Students on Your Campus

When you partner with Alabama Controls, future students and their families will discover an optimal campus environment that offers the highest level of comfort and security. Here’s what they can count on:

  • A secure building environment
  • Safety of students and staff
  • A comfortable environment conducive to increased productivity

Without worries of safety or comfort, students will have more time to focus on academic achievements and engage in campus life.

Creating Sustainable Campuses

Alabama Controls is also an expert partner in helping to create sustainable environments at college and university campuses. We have vast knowledge of energy efficient products and can help balance your economic and environmental outcome. With our help, you can:

  • Optimize energy levels
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Lower operating costs
  • Create a sustainable environment

How may we help you?

Alabama Controls can help provide a sustainable environment with building automation solutions that balance your bottom line. Call us today to find out more,